The Good, the Bad and the Bomb – Alchemy continued (and beyond)


In my last post I put on my alchemy glasses to look at Twin Peaks up until episode 6 of The Return. When episode 8 of The Return aired a little more than week ago I must say I was blown away (no pun intended). “This is epic”, I thought. And it was, it is, epic. What we saw was completely avant-garde and unique. Every second was like video art at it’s best – but aired in the format of a tv series episode.


Episode 8 of The Return will be talked about in a very, very long time. Many have already shared their thoughts. As we are all different people, our interpretations vary. What will follow are are my thoughts and analysis of selected scenes from what happens between he atomic bomb testing and the creation of the golden Laura Palmer orb in episode 8, Gotta light?

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